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Providence Access to Care Program

As people of Providence, we have established an access to care program to assist uninsured individuals and families in accessing healthcare...

Home Care

Experience world-class home care and clinical specialty programs for acute or chronic illness through Providence Holy Cross in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Bladder Wellness

The Bladder Wellness Program at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, in Mission Hills, CA, offers patients treatment options that can include medication, behavioral/nutritional modification, pelvic muscle exercises, surgery or a combination of these.

Art Healing

As a talented artist, you can provide healing to those in need. Providence Holy Cross Medical Center is proud to sponsor the Art of Healing art...

Senior Outreach

Providence Senior Outreach programs including Senior Peer Counseling, Case Management, Volunteers for Seniors, and School Counseling. Senior peer...


At Providence Holy Cross, our Rehabilitation services can help patients get back to work, rejoin their community and achieve the highest quality of life possible.


Providence Holy Cross offers four highly advanced imaging centers throughout the San Fernando Valley. Digital mammography and 64-slice CT available.


There's a reason many of the San Fernando Valley's finest physicians choose to perform surgery at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. We provide exceptional, compassionate care with our superior nursing staff along with the technological sophistication surgical services and expertise typically found at a larger facility.

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Viewing Page 1 of 25 | Showing Results 1 - 10 of 250