Questions to Ask Union Organizers

Union organizers might approach you at work, at home or in public to enlist your support for union representation. Saint John’s supports your right to decide whether you want to be represented by a union, and we are committed to providing you with fact-based information about unions in the workplace so that you may make an informed decision.

As with any decision that can greatly affect you and your family, it is important to have all the facts. Before you decide whether or not to support union representation, be sure to ask and get answers to the following questions from the union organizer:

  • If the union is voted in here, how long will it be before we have our first signed contract?
  • Is there any time limit for how long negotiations can take?
  • Will you guarantee in writing that the union can improve my wages and benefits?
  • Is it possible I could end up with fewer benefits and lower wages as the result of bargaining?
  • Will I be required to join the union and pay union dues?
  • Exactly how much will my monthly union dues be?
  • Will I have to pay an initiation fee to the union?
  • Will dues be withheld from my paycheck like taxes?
  • What would my union dues be used for?
  • If the union calls a strike over contract negotiations, how much money could I expect to receive from the union to replace my regular pay?
  • If there is a strike, will I be required to participate in the strike or in picketing? What would happen if I didn’t participate?
  • Are there other fines or fees that I may be subject to as part of union membership?