Shirley Xu, M.D., is a board-certified family medicine physician. She enjoys establishing relationships with her patients and providing them with individualized care. She believes it is important to empower patients to make informed decisions about their health. Dr. Xu strives to give her patients in-depth, easy to understand medical knowledge. She is a strong proponent of preventive medicine and is particularly passionate about skin disease, hypertension and diabetes.

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  • Mandarin Chinese


Shirley X. Xu, M.D.
4314 W. Slauson Avenue
3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(323) 293-7171


  • Family Medicine
Clinical Interests
  • Autoimmune Skin Disease


Insurances Accepted
  • Aetna HMO Plan
  • Aetna PPO/POS/EPO
  • Anthem Blue Cross Calif. Care HMO
  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO/POS/EPO
  • Blue Shield 65 Plus Senior Plan HMO
  • Blue Shield PPO/POS/EPO
  • Medi-Cal (Straight)
  • Medi-Cal Anthem (BC) HMO
  • Medi-Cal Health Net HMO
  • Medi-Cal L.A. Care HMO
  • Medi-Cal Molina HMO
  • Medi-Cal/L.A. Care/Care 1st HMO
  • Medicare
  • Medi-Medi (Medicare-Medi-Cal)
  • Providence Medical Associates
Insurance Medical Groups
  • Axminister Medical Group/IPA


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3.2 out of 5 (60 Ratings, 27 Comments)


Initially the doctor took care with finding out my health problems and providing referrals. I informed her of very low energy levels last year. I have not improved. I am on Permanent Disability and requested a request for a parking place card (permanent) because of the problem. I paid the $15.00 fifteen dollars for thr for which was filled out incorrectly. I called the office the following day, and emailed Dr. Xu via my chart and, I am still awaiting an answer. During my visit I requested referrals to both the cardiologist and neurologist. I explain via my chart that I had not had the energy to follow up with previous referrals. She emailed to come into the office for the referrals and did not give them to me. As I stated SHE IS USUALLY VERY GOOD, so; this is strictly for the [...] office visit.

Totally clueless on what I was explaining was overwhelming. Very uneducated in type 1 diabetes. Gave ridiculous unsolicited advice and made me feel worse and I was there because I was depressed and having panic attacks and made it worse.

It's a very good,medical office.

the doctor didn't introduce herself coming in [...]. she wasn't listening to me that I was allergic to my dog. she stuck the prob up my nose without telling me first she didn't check my lump nods she didn't ask for any symptoms. she assumed and kept telling me I have an allergy. and after finishing the meds my symptoms are back

misplaced sign in sheet that resulted in delay in seeing doctor.

During my visit, I was concerned I had the flu. I informed the Dr. my granddaughter was diagnosed with Flu A 2 days prior and I was her caregiver. I was not tested for the flu (no nasal swab), but was prescribed Tamiflu and a cough syrup. I requested the prescription be sent to a different pharmacy. The Tamiflu prescription was entered and sent to the previous pharmacy, but not the cough syrup. I had to call after hours to get another Dr. to change the pharmacy for the Tamiflu to then learn the cough syrup hadn't been prescribed, yet Ibuprofen had been prescribed (we didn't discuss this medication, if we had I would have told her I had that on hand at home already so no need to prescribe more).

When I was checked in the nurse was very impatient and had an intolerable air to him. he dismissed everything I said. I then had to wait an entire hour for the doctor to see me. at the half hour mark I went to see what was taking so long and they just told me to wait. Never had I experienced such rude dismissive service

The Doctor was very helpful with my health concerns.

I love Providence. I have had diabetes for 42 years and I am thrilled with the care I have received through Axminister.

I felt that time spent with the care provider was rushed and as a result I did not feel comfortable asking the specific questions I had regarding my own health. This was also my first visit with this care provider (as I was not able to schedule a routine exam without first having an appointment to establish care), and it did not seem as though the care provider was interested in learning about my health history.

provider at times feels impersonal, plus some referrals could have been made sooner.

Unhappy with my care at the moment-my current provider is on maternity leave and current Doctor covering for my doctor is me given hard time regarding one of my meds that on my list of meds that I take specially for my menstrual cycle. no pain med coverage so I'm very upset and unhappy!!

I arrived at 9:50am for a 10:15am apt and met with the doctor at 11:55am where she asked a few questions and appeared to not have much time to answer my questions.

Still waiting for a call about my blood test, I has to call an leave a message for someone to call.

First of all this Doctor spent no quality time with me. she really did not asked any caring questions and I will continue to shop around until I find a provider that cares about me & ALL my questions regarding me. Also, I received all my referrals and every last one of them had the wrong insurance. had to call the office and they had to re-issue new referrals which set me back weeks before I could make appts to see the specialist. UNACCEPTABLE. [...] I remember asking Doctor Xu questions and she told me we can do this on your next appt. I said NO. we are going to handle this NOW. UNACCEPTABLE

This was my first time seeing this particular doctor. But as always everyone was very helpful and nice.

Prior to the appointment I was contacted via "MyChart" and asked to complete a survey before I arrive at my appointment; I did so. When I arrived at the doctor's office for the appointment, I was given the survey to complete, which makes me feel as if my taking time to complete the survey beforehand was in vein. Further, I provided the doctor with the survey, to which she shuffled off to the side [...] Dr. Xu was rude in my opinion. [...] She seemed rushed and agitated. [...]

[...] Dr. Xu was awful... She first walked into the room and introduced herself. I introduced myself and she asked "why are you here" I told her and as I was speaking, Dr. Xu preceded to rub her head and eyes. I didn't think anything of it until EVERY TIME I spoke, she did this. She also barely looked me in my eyes while I spoke and found the floor more interesting. She grew VERY ANNOYED when my husband started to speak and so I introduced him as my husband and my advocate for this visit. Once again however, she never looked him but instead looked at me while he spoke. This happened about four times. She wasn't listening to anything I said as she kept cutting me off, being dismissive and speaking very quickly like she was rushing her words and trying to get me out of there. [...] I will never choose her as my Dr. again. [...]

she listened, she explained in good detail, and she cared.

It was my first time visiting Shirley Xu. I was told to arrive 30 minutes before my 8:45am appointment (I arrived 15 minutes earlier than that), and Dr. Xu walked in 45 minutes after my appointment time. Her demeanor was exhausted [...]. she barely spoke, so I took it upon myself to let her know I was interested in getting a referral to a dermatologist. Without any questions or discussion, she proceeded to fill out the online form to do so. she asked me what the reason was (so she could fill it in the form). That was the only question asked of me by her, not even "How are you?" I then asked her if I can get a gynecologist referral, she said it doesn't need a referral, so I asked how to see one. she snapped at me and said "I don't know, ask the front." I said "Ok" and she walked out of the room, not even a goodbye. [...] I will never ever see her again. [...]

This was a podtive experience.

I requested an ultrasound with my mammogram because I have dense breast tissue and I was not offered that. My health is very important to me and I think the doctor should I taken me a little more seriously

My appointment was at 1:30pm I arrive at 1:10. I was taking to the room at 1:15 or 1:20. I had didn't see the doctor until 2:15pm. I should have left. Very poor service.

lostmy ability to order Rx refills by online and mail. Tried to explain to the Provider but she didn't listen. [...]

Dismissive doctor. no care or explanation of my questions. This was a routine physical but felt like I wasting the doctors time. I had questions to ask but was quickly turned off by poor attitude. Never returning to this office

she didn't. explain. my diagnosis. very well. inaddtion she told me that she is going to reffer me to specialist rhrough email and i still didn't. get any thing. i still have discomfort and lilttle bit pain when i work.

During my first visit to Dr. Xu's office, I was not asked if I had any pre-existing conditions, nor if I was taking any prescription medication. I do, and I am, and this seems like important information for my new PCP Dr. Xu to have. Dr. Xu ordered two urine tests and a stool test, submitted a referral request for an ultrasound and scheduled a follow-up in two weeks. Two weeks later, I had not been contacted by anyone at the office regarding my test results, nor had I received a letter for the ultrasound referral. [...] I no longer have any confidence in this doctor or this clinic and will be contacting [...] as soon as possible to be reassigned to a different PCP.